Bill Converse In-Store Record Release | Mediations/Industry (Dark Entries)
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Bill Converse In-Store Record Release | Mediations/Industry (Dark Entries)

Please join Bill Converse, Dark Entries Records, and End of an Ear Records to celebrate his debut LP release, re-edited from the original Obsolete Future C90 with a live in-store performance. 

From Dark Entries:

Immersed in the early days of the 90s midwest rave scene, Bill Converse began DJing at a young age in Lansing, Michigan. Luminaries such as Claude Young, Traxx, and Twonz were key early influences. Since moving to Texas in 1998, he has experimented with analog techniques in varied studio bunkers. Early techno, noise, ambient, tape, and paranormal processing are all part of his uncanny sound palette.

Meditations/Industry is Converse’s debut vinyl release, collecting material from a cassette release on Obsolete Future. The tracks were recorded totape with no overdubs in 2012-2013. As the title implies, the album places meditation inside tactile sonic processes. Bill is informed by his surroundings, influenced by scenes of desolation in nature, the sea, the desert, and places of industry, like power stations, old factories, and warehouses. The songs on this full length reveal a sublime influence from Detroit techno, early Chicago house, and Acid.
The album was recorded and mixed by Bill at his home studio in Austin and mastered by Dave Alex. All songs were EQed for vinyl by George Horn at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley. A custom-made jacket designed by our in-house designer Eloise Leigh incorporates the abstract cobalt glaciers, reminiscent of blueprints, over a dark gray background. Each copy includes a postcard with notes and a photograph of a mountain range that looks like ocean waves."

End of an Ear will have copies of Meditations/Industry released on Dark Entries Records on sale at the event for $15.99

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The Bunker: Silent Servant, Bill Converse, Jahiliyya Fields + FORMA
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The Bunker: Silent Servant, Bill Converse, Jahiliyya Fields + FORMA

From Resident Advisor

Well, this has been in the works for ages, and we're thrilled to announce the first of many editions of The Bunker at the newly reopened Market Hotel.

Jealous God, Sandwell District, Los Angeles

Joining us once again is Silent Servant, who has treated us to more great sets than we can count at The Bunker over the years. He rose to fame alongside Regis and Function with their Sandwell District imprint before they laid it to rest in 2011. His full length album on Dominick Fernow's Hospital Productions was easily one of 2012's best releases, and he is known worldwide for his uncompromising productions and DJ sets. Mendez has become a fan favorite at The Bunker and often digs a bit deeper into his crates for sets that will incorporate not only techno, but also industrial, EBM, synth punk, and other sounds.

Dark Entries, Texas

Bill Converse really turned the head of our Texan advisor Nihal Ramchandani, and blew Servito's head off when he played with him down there last month. we're thrilled to present Bill's NYC debut to celebrate his new album on Dark Entries. The write up Ron did for the L.I.E.S. podcast Bill recently made is pretty perfect, so just gonna put that right here:

"Bill Converse resides in Austin Texas, by way of Detroit Michigan. Hardly a new kid on the block, Bill like many of us, simply has been doing what he loves to for years committing himself to his passion: producing music and djing. Quietly making a name for himself in his local scene he has built a bit of a cult following around him and is the go to dj in Texas when delving into the world of subversive electronics.

Having self released various tapes and maybe even an odd comp track here and there, Bill will see his debut release on the prolific and amazing Dark Entries in the coming months.

Undoubtedly Converse is one of the artists spearheading an ever expanding and extremely interesting scene which is spreading far and wide in the massive state of Texas. There will be alot more to hear from him in the future guaranteed."

L.I.E.S., Brooklyn

Jahiliyya Fields is a true visionary operating on the fringes of electronic music. It's long overdue that he joins us at The Bunker.

The Bunker New York, Spectrum Spools, Brooklyn

FORMA’s combustible mixture of lush synth explorations and frenetic rhythm has captivated the margins of the international synth scene since their acclaimed 2011 debut on John Elliott’s Spectrum Spools label. Following 2012’s dark and penetrating OFF/ON, the trio set a direct course toward the shadowy perimeter of the dancefloor, with John Also Bennett replacing original member Sophie Lam. FORMA’s celebrated live performances -- extended improvisational journeys veering from the ecstatic to the foreboding -- draw techno, noise, and synth disciples into their realm.

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